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Monday, August 08, 2011 . 5:01 PM

Fifth year blues

whoever told me that fifth year will be easier. U BLUFF ME!

it's not that i do not appreciate the way the lecturer now demands a bit more responsibility from us, which in turn makes me work harder. but seriously, having everything crammed up in two days is just so not funny.

all on top of this, please study more they say. i am really kicking myself in the rear to move along faster. sigh. T.T

on a more positive note, so far i have been studying, just not enough. but managed to cut down on my drama time. n blogging seems to have taken an interest in me again.

im just hoping i can get into the groove faster. otherwise imma just roll over and die.

i wan chatime.

d piano in my rented house got moved away. so now i cannot play the piano anymore. sobs. oh well, more time for guitar then i guess.



At 8:47 AM, Blogger Sabby said...

guitar aint tht bad rite? at least u hv jamming partners.


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Thursday, August 04, 2011 . 8:25 PM

it's been so long since i last posted. but recent events have been so bad and i am really frustrated and angry but don't know what to do or where to voice out. and thankfully this blog has always been faithful to wait for me to scribble something on it.

today i heard news of my church being raided by a government Islamic body. first of all, it was meant to be a appreciation dinner for everyone involved in the project. are you saying that it is now illegal to have dinners in church premise? how can you raid a building without warrant and worse still, unable to produce any documents of any sort of the complaint you supposedly received?

then the MB apologized for the event. but then wait, the exco steps out and say they have received reports from someone that the word Quran and Pray was used in the event and it was an effort of proselyting. again, this is taking things out of context. its like i hear the word PM, and murder and therefore i suspect him to be murderer. what if the sentence uttered was Quran encourages believers to pray. is this statement wrong?

then moving on to the news i heard today. pakatan is unable to come to consensus as to which party should be allowed to field candidates in certain constituencies. is this sort of bickering really necessary? isn't their aim as politician to serve the constituents? does it really matter which party you come from? i mean you are from the same coalition for goodness sake! can't you come together and decide that we want the best for the country and the people. and that's all we need. we do not need to know which party you are from. we just want you to be our voice.

i really am beginning to understand why DCY feels how he feels. it really just sucks that the politicians in the country (on either party) can't seem to grow up and grow balls. instead they rely on dirty tactics and finger pointing. enough is enough.

i think it is time that the younger generation wake up and stop being indifferent. it is time to make a stand. i will make sure that i vote in the coming elections. i will stay and fight. for now. for the future.