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Saturday, October 29, 2005 . 8:15 AM

hey people... long time no see... i in good mood coz now i dun haf to study like some mad fella... yesterday people teach me how to play with my blog template so cool... i tell you. sure chun one... now i know how to put song on my blog... haha... kok pun... i teach you use multiply... can play a lot of song and some more no limit to the size leh... so chun rite... haha...

exam leh... let's just say that this term's result is of no reflection of what i am capable of doing. ok? people? can we bluff bluff? pretend that all is fake result...

whose house got a lot of cockroach? let me know. i want to pay a visit to your house. i still shudder to think that i need to spread its wing with my hands. eeewwwww......

till then, i shall be a bugger.( no pun intended)

Saturday, October 22, 2005 . 9:28 AM

Hello people… sorry for not posting so long… for those who are dying to know what’s happening in my life…

I am dying to finish my exam… dun reli think I will do well this term but I still try lah… physics… *grumble whine sniff*.

I am dying from lack of sleep… slept at 2 .30 last night… trying to stuff PA in my head… wat exactly has the 28 ministries in Malaysia got to do with my exam… besides
the fact that they set my exam paper? Wat has UPE and UPP and UPSE and UPTM got to do with me? Haihz… will be doing this for quite some time… sleeping late and stuff… coz still got bio and chemistry and maths and haiz… physics…

I am dying from the dilemma of whether to drop physics or not… physics is not required for medical… but I am giving myself till January to work things out with physics… we’ll see then.

I am dying to get IL Divo, Alicia keys, blue, jem and more from han yuan… good songs leh…

I am dying to have coffee… any coffee… I think I am addicted to it. And to think that I don’t drink coffee last time. Gees. Had 2 cans of coffee last night. Dun stare at me like you never see ppl drink coffee before k? I need it to stay awake.

Keep me in prayer yeah? I need all the wisdom and strength I can have… and not to slack.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005 . 2:55 PM

since i am tagged, and i am darn bored of theory, the sudoku in front of me is not helping... decided to entertain chi yao with these question.

Seven things you plan to do before you die:
1. Serve the Lord with all that i've been blessed with.
2. Sky jumping… bungee jumping
3. Acting. In a real movie.
4. Get married to a Godly woman.
5. Have 2 or 3 kids and bring them up in a good environment.
6. Be a filial son.
7. Make a difference to the people around me.

Seven things I could do:
1. Turn my thumb 90 degrees sideways.
2. talk rubbish.
3. Get on people’s nerve.
4. Plagiarize (note the similarities, Chi yao? Told you I am good at this)
5. Tell really lame jokes.
6. piano… doing diploma
7. potato couching, and I am very good at it!!!

Seven celebrity crushes:
1. Must I Have One?
2. Beyonce
3. Destiny’s Child
4. can’t think of any
5. Kelly Clarkson
6. I dunno.
7. No more. Please.

Seven often-repeated words:
1. Rite.
2. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
3. Too Much Man!!!
4. Die!
5. Wait…
6. Haiya…
7. Uncle!!

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:
1. Long Hair. Black.
2. Eyes. Behind these Hazel eyes… ehem… sorry. Eyes. Round big bright.
3. One who jaga her self image well…
4. Pleasant smile.
5. Reasonable height. Anything above 150cm is considered reasonable.
6. Has a unique laugh.
7. funny company. Can laugh together at my lame jokes… HAHAHAHA… sorry…

Seven tags go to:
1. Kok Pun
2. Daniel Yap JH
3. Christine Ong
4. Tian Ping
5. Hui Ying
6. Phoebe Lim
7. Esther Teo.

YOur turn to answer.... very smart hor chi yao, take up everyone on my list. fine, i tag someone else. haha, ur tagged. answer the questions above. now if u excuse me, i got music theory to attend to. have a nice day.


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