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Tuesday, March 24, 2009 . 11:40 AM

American Idol Top 10

i know this has not started yet, but i am quite excited about this week's theme. this theme has not been used since season 3, and i can't wait for it.

this week's theme is MOTOWN.
that means lotsa grooving and bouncing...
but also means potential for diasaster....

who do i foresee as disaster?
1) Adam Lambert
we know he's definitely going to try to "add his own flavor" aka sing like he's possessed. i think this week he's going to die.

2) Michael Sarver
well, he's just not motown material. unless he surprises me. i highly doubt it after last weeks performance. if he's a country singer, and that's how it sounds, i don't think he will be a successful singer.

3) Kris Allen
yes, we share a bit of the name. but unfortunately, i dun see him as a versatile enough artist. but a good song choice might just work for him. like "My Girl"... i'm sure girls like Christine will swoon and faint ok i am exaggerating a bit but u get the drift if he give a good performance.

who to look out for
1) Lil Rounds
definitely. this should be up her alley. hopefully she make smart song choice and blow everyone away.

2) Anoop Desai
same goes for him. he needs to keep up his good job to prevent the first week disaster again. and hopefully no stupid hairstyles from the stylist. (think sanjaya malakar from season 6 ugly mohawk)

others... please do suprise me
who do i think will be in bottom 3?
i hope adam, michael. sad to say, i think scott might be in this week's bottom 3 though.

what do you think? let's see if my prediction comes true... (though i got stinking feeling 2 girls will be in the bottom 3)

omg this is turning into a reality tv show recap review blog

should blog more about my life after my exams... currently no life to blog about. hence the massive amount of tv shows that keep me entertained. its more entertaining than studying the tumors of the brain.

Friday, March 20, 2009 . 6:20 PM


so i watched the american idol top 11 performance... i got to say some did well, some were MEH! and some are just downright weird....read adam lambert not in any order.... just wat comes to my head.

so we started off the show with Michael Sarver. This week theme is Grand Ole Opry... ala country week. he chose "Ain't Goin Down Till The Sun Comes Up". i was looking forward to it because ever since Latoya London did such a fantastic job with that song in season 3, no one else touched that song again.


then we got this downright weird performance from weirdo michael jackson lookalike, i totally agreed with what simon said... TOTAL UTTER RUBBISH! can't even bear to type his name.


no pictures la, just wan to use that line.... american idol stylist needs to learn some fashion tips from tyra...

note 1: if u noe someone is not very tall, and got not very small butt, try going for dark colors... not bright pink. idk how Lil Rounds managed to wear the dress... but it was very distracting. her singing Martina McBride was not much help either. tho i still like her.

note 2:
someone please shoot the stylist! Megan looked so weird. i might sound like a perv here. but its necessary. cause its just so distracting. again, it didn't help that Megan got this weird habit of using the mic stand so she could sway around like some spastic kid... it was funny, but the fashion disaster was so bad i couldn't laugh more than 2 seconds... its like haha... eyer....
it looks as though someone wanted her boobs to look big, so they hang two coconuts in front of her chest. eesh.... but back to her voice, sorry kar how, she made me love the jazz kind of tune when she sag, i mean SANG the song.

d NOOP DAWG IS BACK!!! lovely rendition of "You Were Always On My Mind", but i think Fantasia did such a good job when she sang that... it sort of pale in comparison. but still, quite good.

losing interest in Danny Gokey. REALLY FAST!!! He's good. But i just don't get the reason of his song choice. it's for my wife i dunno wat the reason

Matt Giraud was great! the playing the singing, fantastic....

the others were just meh....

my bottom 3 was Michael Sarver, Adam Lambert, and Alexis Grace

well 2 out of three ain't dat bad... but Allison Iraheta totally didn't deserve to be in bottom 3

and Alexis poor song choice proved to her demise. and we say Goodbye to her...

i really pity scott mcintyre... to be really fair, he's ok.... but i hope he goes soon... coz he's not DAT good anywayz....

Life of a Medical Student

i tell you, besides the time where u stress and study, which is like every second of every day there are also funny moments that u just cherish because it comes at the time when ur brain just wouldn't function anymore. all these conversation happened in the anatomy museum, with all the models and all.

Conversation 1
Me : What is this?
Fren A: This is erm... erm.... this is your bladder.
Me: Nope. Not mine.
Fren A: LOL... FAIL....

Conversation 2
Me: (to fren B) Fren C said u very cheap!!!
Fren B: (to fren C) HOW DARE U???
Fren C: (to me) U simply say, I throw the uterus at you ah!!!

who say medical students got no sense of humor?

Sunday, March 08, 2009 . 6:35 PM

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

ok chi yao, i learnt it.... here goes...u and lydia m. better get familiar with it.... from now on, all difficult decisions shall be made in this manner....

scissors cuts paper
paper covers rock
rock crushes lizard
lizard poisons spock
spock smashes scissors
scissors decapitates lizard
lizard eats paper
paper disproves spock
spock vaporizes rock
rock crushes scissors

Friday, March 06, 2009 . 7:15 PM

hihi... first of all, let me clarify, there's nothing or no one that i am in a relationship with... please stop speculating on my facebook! its a prank by a friend... wait till i find out his password...

american idol top 13 is out!!! my wish came true... i sort of knew they will be increasing the number. how can four judges choose 3 people? its like telling people that we don't need to listen to one of the four... i am very happy... cause all my favourites are in there. means my eye for good singer is still intact... haha
best part is, TATIANA DEL TORO is out... gosh, she doesn't seem to know that everyone is not laughing with her, but at her.... poor thing... even paula was making fun of her... "you are not just going to be a singer, u will be an actor too" eesh

the top 13 are (no particular order)
1. Anoop Desai
2. Allison Iraheta
3. Megan Joy Cokrey
4. Matt Giraud
5. Michael Sarver
6. Danny Gokey
7. Alexis Grace
8. Jasmine Murray
9. Kris Allen
10. Lil Rounds
11. Adam Lambert
12. Scott Mcintyre
13. Jorge Nunez

my pick... i think a guy will win it... sorry kar how, ur braddy din make it.... haha, anoop did... LOL...

i almost had a heart attack when they told matt he made it. but im glad its a top 13... goodie... meaning to say, one of those weeks, we will have double elimination... hmmm....

another reality tv show i watched, britain's next top model... hmmm... wat shall i say, let's just say tatiana got her acting lessons from the host...

Wednesday, March 04, 2009 . 10:39 PM

so the diagnosis came out... my motherboard is faulty... AJ will be taken in for surgery and it has already been three days since i see him... and he's only going to come back sometime next week... oh why so cruel to me?

btw, just an update... went to tmn pertanian today to check out the place for cg outing... very quiet during the weekdays i must say... but got the sky trex thing im dying to try... and try not to die while doing it... AHAHAh... ok ignore the pun... me and chi yao cycled all the way to the end of the track... only to realize the cycle way up is a bit too steep for me to actually cycle back up, so i push only lo...

on an entirely different note... im home alone this weekend... anyone got any plans???