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Friday, May 18, 2007 . 8:27 PM

i was watching So you think you can dance malaysian version... gosh... what a letdown. first of all, can't they find a better host? she is just not cut out for that job. let me give you an example of how bad the show is.

Music cue* selamat kembali ke so u think u can dance.
Mari kita saksikan apa yang akan ditunjukkan oleh X and Y.

*video clip*
than geng music come out... they dance. ends. pose. *ceiling fan spins louder than ever*

tiara: that was electrifying!!! ( like chooi and his batteries)
2nd judge: that was amazing. there was chemistry. (like h20 plus water)
3rd judge: i can feel the connection. (as attracted as jessmine is to johnny depp, which is close to 0)
pat: very good.

all the dance sequence is a little over 1 min, and leaves you hoping they did something spectacular but couldn't do coz they dun haf enough time.
after all, they only got 20 minutes to vote out someone. haihs... malaysia needs to get some creative juices flowing coz if you keep copying shows from other countries, it might not work. actually, it almost never did.

on an entire different note, kenny sia is under bombardment on is recent blog post. man, it's tough to please everyone. i mean, if you read his blog, then u accpet what he write lah. u read, then criticise, then fight over the internet.... i so totally agree with KP on this... so glad we can agree on something...

my attachment is coming to an end tomorrow. would like to say thank you to all the doctors and nurses who made it such a wonderful learning experience.

Dr Tan Huck Joo - Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist
Dr Lim Kie Nyok - Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist
Dr Samuel Tay - Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon
Dr Hyzan Mohd Yusof - Consultant Orthopaedics
Dr Shaharin Shaharuddin - General Surgery
Dr Cheah Weng Yin - Consultant Psychiatrist and Hynotherapist(KP< FOR YOU ONE)
Nurses at endoscopy - Noreadah, Sr santhi, shubashini, nor, nur amira, aisyah, khew. ESPECIALLY KHEW, she sampat with me so much about the doctors... haha

i am still contemplating whether to apply for IMU... why life so difficult???


At 8:19 PM, Blogger KP Chen said...

tiara: that was electrifying!!! ( like chooi and his batteries)

-> Kejam la you. But chooi really ... haih.

so glad we can agree on something...

-> We do agree on other things wat. Like Taylor Hicks = useless American Idol cuz takde berita LANGSUNG.

Dr Cheah Weng Yin - Consultant Psychiatrist and Hynotherapist(KP< FOR YOU ONE)

-> Thank you. Free consultation kah?


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Tuesday, May 15, 2007 . 8:01 PM

this kp shall be known as the most sampat person in the world i have ever known.... more sampat i will ever consider myself to be....

what's with all the tags.... everyone knows that i do't do tag... just look at the amount of times i update my blog... kp can testify to this very well...

there are seven things i want to tell you now... listen up...

1. i dun sing very well... that's a known fact but i have to go and embarass myself and go to karaoke with my friends... but who else to do it other than ur friends... at least they can pretend that i purposely call them up and send them in the room to torture them...

2. i really feel like strangling kp at times... you know, just for the fun of it...

3. sorry chiox and pheebs.... i really wish i could buy you those tickets, but i can't...

4. omg... wern jyet actually reads blogs... he started writing just to prove to me that his blog is not dead... well, i did that too when kp deemed my blog dead... i understand....

5. i am loving my attachment with doctor Samuel tay... i am learning so much right now... i have such a good head start... so happy... went into the OT twice... saw 5 ops... so cool... then with dr tan huck joo, i learnt a lot more about endoscopy than i ever knew about. i am so intrigued by the procedures, especially the ERCP. right now, i am thinking of becoming a psychiatrist, to try to help people like KP, of course, that is if he is not beyond help by the time i get my specialist recognition....

6. i really dislike the system in Malaysia... i need so many years before i can actually start as a doctor... officially.... not MO, not Houseman, haihz.... and they wonder why there is brain drain...

7. now that i can update my blog, i hope kp stop counting the days of which i don't blog... i am not as free as he is... will blog about the attachment in the near future... hopefully by the end of this week...