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Wednesday, December 31, 2008 . 11:56 AM


Since im tagged, i will have to do this, part of reviving the blog oso la... since i so lazy rite...

16 facts u dunno about me...

1. im afraid of a few things, mainly height, tight spaces, and spiders.

2. i love to eat mashed potato with tomato sauce. best fast food delight.

3. i hate tags. really hate it. dats why u dun see me do tags.

4. i wan to play ligretto but got no kaki to play with. same case with mahjong.

5. i tink 16 facts is a lot to think of. i might just stop here.

6. the reason i wanted to do medicine was because of my mum. not dat she wanted me to do it. i wanted to do it for her.

7. i am a reality tv junkie. i watch all sorts of reality tv. unless they are not worth watching, like project runway, temptation island. i reli wan to watch unanimous though.

8. i have no sofa in my house currently.

9. this is the first year i will celebrate christmas, new year, chinese new year etc without my siblings.

10. i love my cell group members. cue: awwwww

11. i dun like watching movie. unless they are good movie. but i wun get to noe whether its good or not if i dun watch. hence i watch. but then got lousy movie, i dun like. so i dun watch movie. and the whole cycle starts all over.

12. currently i am about to turn 21 and walk into adulthood officially... canot say i teenager liao. last time 20 still can say i am 2 tens. now twenty one, canot say i am ten and 11 rite??? so ya... eesh

13. one of my dreams in life is to go on amazing race and at least make it to the top 5... winnning it will be the icing on the cake. now finally, im eligible to apply.

14. i always dreamed of havin a dream height. now its just goin to remain a dream. not tellin you the number.

15. i really want to blog about highway dat i was telling you about, but i will save it from some other time.

16. im done, and to save people from this, i shall not name anyone. but feel free to do this if u wan.

lalalala... goin to post again about the reflections on 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008 . 12:04 PM

what to do when you are alone

you know how people always say you don't know what you have until you lost it... i din exactly lose it la... but now that my brother and sister are on their way to ireland... i never knew i was going to miss them actually i know la, but i am tryin to prove a point here so play along

just five hours after sending my sister off, i sent my parents off to thailand... so ya, now i am all alone. wair.....


i am sure now i very happy... but when the euphoria dies, i am sure cleaning the house and doing groceries will be a pain... lol... but i am goin to find myself enjoying this short new found freedom...

till then, any volunteers to clean the house with me? or we can come camp at my place... any takers???