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Wednesday, January 25, 2006 . 10:20 PM

My first post of this year. Personally, I really think that this year for me is really a saddening year. Friends leaving one after another. All in all, I have like 7 friends leaving for studies. Sigh, guess it’s selfish for me to keep them here. But still, who likes being away from friends? On a brighter note, this year I finally dropped physics. However, my worst nightmare came true. I slacked because I got one subject less. Haiya, must buck up liaoz. At least I maintain my class position after last term exam. Dunno wat to write, one month is a long time. Wat to update? I learnt how to play the animal kingdom game… very fun. All should try. I also saw this game in toy’s r us that is super cool. To me at least. U see, I am a guy who likes to plan and also games that involves a lot of deception. Not to say I like to lie, but the fact that I am able to manipulate other peoples’ thinking. Games like mafia (people in dusun eco, u seen me play) Sounds mean, but keep in mind, that’s not me. So this boardgame is called betrayal on the house on the hill or something like dat… cannot relli remember. You are to build the house together and solve cases and complete missions but at the same time you have to sabo one of the players… ultimate coolness… another game I would love to have is Scotland Yard… too bad they all cost too much….

Frens, it’s my STPM year, trying to work hard…. Emphasis on trying… will do my best so keep me in prayers ya?

ps – watching my first movie in three months tomorrow… can’t wait.