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Monday, February 18, 2008 . 7:58 PM

this is because chi yao is leaving. blame him. lol...

another thing, what if the friends u trust dun trust you... dat wud mean something is wrong with you right ?

sometimes, i feel very hypocritical hanging out with certain people cause i have to psychoanalyze everything i say before i say it, trying to figure out and cover up the fact that i already know the fact to the extent i have to distort and ignore the fact so that the fact would not be known. get the picture ? dats how complicated life can get.

one more thing i learnt in this past week is to overlook others fault. if i keep holding everything in, sweeping things under the carpet, one day its gonna explode. so much so to the fact, i sometimes feel so vulnerable to other people. why do i have to put myself through so much ? it's just ridiculous...
so i am learning to extend grace and mercy over others, and also to myself.

- I know why Jesus Christ lives among the poor. i know why he became poor in order to serve humankind. only the poor are rich in mercy. only the poor possess nothing --- nothing but gratitude.- -Jorge Crespo-