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Wednesday, April 29, 2009 . 2:26 PM


american idol's this week features final five.... and for the very first time, as far as i can remember at least it's going to be JAZZ week...

it's totally up Matt Giraud's alley... he should do fantastic to prove that the save was worth it... and prove to me he deserves to stay more than Anoop... should be an interesting watch... get ready for frank sinatra and michael buble... adam might decide to destroy yet another classic (im guessin a frank sinatra)

i am now hoping the final two wil be danny and kris... dat will be a showdown... but allison, please surprise me, who knows you might go all the way...


you know, the funny thing about reality tv is people always seem to have to eat their words after they say it... take SURVIVOR TOCANTINS for example... tyson, the most recent to be voted out, was telling sierra that she will be be the next to go no matter what, and there's no changing it. He then goes on to tell the whole world how well he orchestrated the first blindside, and how he hopes sierra cries a lot during tribal council, cause it's funy when people cry...
little did he know, for the simple fact that he did not win immunity, people decided to blindside him. during tribal council, he even said he was so comfortable he does not even worry about being voted off... and boy oh boy, PAYBACK REALLY IS A BIATCH.... how i wished i could find the photo of his shocked face when he saw the second tyson vote, and third and fourth.... hahaha.... there goes to say that one should never be comfortable in the game...

anywayz.... one month down, two more months to go... got to start getting busy.... doing nothing as alwayz... haha -.-'

Monday, April 27, 2009 . 10:50 PM

hmmm.... i think im emo-ing now that my siblings are not around and my friends are still having exams... and all i get to do is to sit at home and rot...

i watched HOUSE on tv not too long ago... i like this saying by foreman.

"That's the great thing about being brothers. u make a mistake and they still love you."

how i wished theres someone like dat now....

Friday, April 24, 2009 . 1:06 AM


I only got sixty percent right this time... but still it hurts to send your favourite home...

and btw, for some reason my blog is not running ads like its supposed to. i clicked on the advert... then after dat, i realised my counter not working... then i go fix the counter thingie... then guess wat??!!! my blog ad code not working.... then haf to keep fixing it... after that...

no more blog ad.... how???
i wan the philharmonic ad on my blog!!!!!

haihz... fix it tomorrow la...

Thursday, April 23, 2009 . 1:19 PM


i so want to cry... i have to put my favourites in the bottom 3 again... this week, i put anoop lil and matt at the bottom... allison will be a close fourth....

eliminated... confirm lil... and maybe matt.

lets see how...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 . 1:07 PM


i was reading the newspaper today. recently the government had decided to increase the number of road blocks in order to curb crimes. there's this saying that says that the police would start checking on pirated cds in car... and if caught can be fined up to 10000 bucks per piece. and it has been very successful they reported. they managed to catch some people with firearms and knives, and samurai sword.

SAMURAI SWORD??!!! seriously, a samurai sword in the car???? WHAT FOR?

Sunday, April 19, 2009 . 12:09 PM


how did i know that the judges will use the save on whoever got eliminated?


the save can only be used once, and if it used, the next week will have double elimination. since it can only be used up to the top 5, that means theres only 2 more weeks it can be used. if they do not use it in the top 7, they will only get to use it in top 6.

now lets count, if u use in top 7, u can get top 5. but if u use in top 6, u will get top 4... u can't get a top 5.... which is like an all important number in any kind of competition. THE TOP 5

so my guess was, regardless who got kicked out, the save would have been used anyway.

looking forward to see wat will happen this week. with disco week, expect a lot of donna summers and bad criticism. unless this crowd proves to be a disco crowd. i hope adam lambert indulges himself again, and get voted off. since theres no more save, we won't see him again. ahahaha

so, as demanded by one person, i shall write about the long overdue post on american idol. plus a very interesting video to watch.

anyhows, this week american idol was a big bummer. mainly because i feel that there was not ONE GREAT performance. it was all MEH.... allison came closest to giving a great one. anywayz... so, i was telling a friend my predicition. i am beginning to think that AI is scripted, because it has become so predictable. maybe its just that i am good

my prediction:
bottom 3: anoop, matt, lil
eliminated: lil
judges save: YES

guess wat 80 percent accuracy. for the exception of lil, everything was correctly predicted. especially the judges save. haihz... please tell me that america's vote is really actually counted.

and moving to another show, called Britain's got talent. this is a very interesting show. i try to catch it on youtube whenever i can. this morning i was reading the papers. and they were talking about first impressions. on how sometimes it can be VERY VERY misleading.

this is the story of Susan Boyle.
on first look... everyone, and i meant EVERYONE yes, u simon cowell, u included was laughing at her, thinking she is some deluded unemployed seeking to have william hung kind of fame lady. seconds into her performance, everyone was awestruck. immediately. goes to say that one should never judge a book by its cover. and never judge too quickly.

watch the video here.

btw, tell u something really funny yesterday. i was driving home from a form 5 reunion dinner. just went i was about to reach home, i had the most morbid thought in my head. i saw myself turning on the shower, and electricity was flowing through the water. and i realised suddenly theres no way of escape, as the things i hold and the water on the ground would make me a sitting duck for victim of electrocution. i was like i can still turn off the water wat. then i went, its made of metal la, u touch u kena shock even more.

it took me 30 minutes to convince myself that i really needed to wash the gel off my hair and those kind of freak accidents only happen in my dreams.

but u can never be too careful, can u?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 . 10:37 AM


so, i went for an internship interview yesterday at NUFFNANG. i must say, i was very nervous, because i have never been to an interview before. so, what to do? die die also must write my resume and arrange my certs.

anywayz, i got my dad to drop me off at the office. and i called the office. i called because the bell is not working haha so i went in. i liked the surroundings, because its painted in orange. AHAHAHA. my fav... then, i met Timothy Tiah. i was almost starstruck. but, he wasn't the one who interviewed me la. He's busy. so i met Robb, and we had a chat. apparently they were quite impressed with my resume. (THANK YOU DUMC). the only problem was that they normally don't employ interns for less than three months. but they thought that since i had the initiative to write to Tim on my own, they knew i was interested. so he had a chat with Tim to discuss about my case, since i can only help out for a month or so. and they agreed.
then we discussed the allowance. it was RM 300.

i was first a bit shocked la. how to survive like dat in KL? but then i really wanted to do the internship because i get to plan events and execute them, which is something im fairly good at. so i wasn't really bothered by the money. then i told them i needed to discuss with my parents.
and indeed my parents were a bit worried about the cost of traveling and the working hours. so was Ms Beh. but they did say if u wan to go for the experience, it is worth the try la. i am very torn now. HOW???
SO AS PROMISED.... my first photo post in a very long time.

this is a fren of Chi Yao. somehow he told me that this friend of his somewhat resembled me. should be the other way round la since he older than me so when he came down from Penang, i decided that we must take a photo together to compare and see whether if it's true.
we met up in williams right after this trip from penang for supper. At first, welooked at each other, and it was like "WHERE GOT SAME??? HE SO SHORT/TALL!!!" im the short one la... happy? NOT FUNNY....

then we took the photo, then we see.... WHERE GOT SAME??? SIMPLY SAY...
then i got the photo yesterday.... im not so sure now... maybe it's my eyes playing tricks on me. but what do you think?


At 10:27 AM, Blogger RQ said...

He looks like Enoch Liew.


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Friday, April 10, 2009 . 4:26 PM


yes, after much coaxing from a few people, i decided to try out nuffnang ads on my blog. it looks not bad after all. i was expecting ads cluttered all over my blog. but it's neat so far. and i figured, if there's an opportunity to earn money why not right? and of course, money ma. who don't want?

went for a swim today. i must say, the lack of exercise for so long, when u suddenly start, u feel so winded after one lap. i tell u, must exercise ok? its a piece of advice that a future doctor is giving.
btw, when i was swimming, the cleaner decided to clean the pool with me in it. i was like WTH!

then went shopping with Mei Yih, read what happened here.

then i must tell u about this really funny thing read desperate i did last night. as some of you would have known, i am currently bumming at home, hence the frequent updates. i was looking for jobs that would allow me to utilize my time better. then a thought struck me. WHY NOT WRITE TO TIMOTHY TIAH AND ASK IF THERE'S A JOB FOR ME? so i went over to his blog, wrote to his email, stating that i am looking for a job and it would be cool if i ever get to tell me friends about working with him. still waiting for his reply. hopefully he doesn't think it's a spam or something. AHAHAHa. -.-'

will let u know if he replies. *cross fingers and toes*

Thursday, April 09, 2009 . 9:00 PM

Surprisingly, my parents took my hair color pretty calmly....

niwaz, just to let u noe i think anoop didn't deserve to be in the bottom 3...

nonetheless, i managed another 75 percent accuracy rate...

thinking of going for a swim tomorrow...


At 3:09 PM, Blogger El i said...

you changed your hair colour?

At 3:44 PM, Blogger tc boi said...

yea... its red now... but only obvious under the light/sun... so its not that bad... haha


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American Idol Top 8

its about to start, and for the first time in my blogging history im going to try to blog as the show goes on. but the advertisements never seem to end.

SO they decided to stand on the stairs in a row... probably in the order they are singing. i always have a feeling that they order they sing has something to do with the amount of votes. no proof though. lots of screaming fans. the theme is "song that the year the contestant is born".

after the normal introduction of judges, maybe not so normal, since we get to see the baby photos of the judges. phooey, this is tiring simon got made fun of again. and he looks like one of those crazy people who is about to shoot half the school. and a really hillarious photo of ryan.

and again, the contestants have to walk out through the door.

so DANNY GOKEY is going to start the night. He is going to sing "Stand By Me". please tell me that the song choice has nothing about his wife, "i wun be afraid of seeing your ghostly figures" lol that being said, i think its a quite nice twist to the song. he seems a lot better at working the crowd. OMG DID I JUST SEE KARA DANCING ALONG WITH PAULA??? hmmm, and i thought shes the sensible one here. randy disagrees with me about the arrangement. so did kara.
so at least simon and i see eye to eye. see christine, i told u im good at this lol. now quickly praise me

KRIS ALLEN wanted to be a taxi driver. singing "All She Wants To Do Is Dance". looks like i really have been underestimating this guy. he's actually quite versatile, a lot more compared to scott and danny. sigh, fine christine, u got good taste too but honestly, i don't think its a good song. since theres no moment for him. no exciting part, even though it was a good thing he picked a fast song. and haha, kara agreed. we ought to count the amount the time simon said INDULGENT throughout the show. almost every week it was mentioned. and i love myself now, all just because the judges seem to agree with me. MUAHAHAHAHAHA....

LIL ROUNDS coming up next. i want to see the name in light. and shes taking a huge song by Tina Turner "What's Love Got To Do With It". she looks a bit like Kelly Rowland the way she dresses. i am biased, i just love her voice. but i wished she's got a bigger sets of lungs. cause she can't seem to hold those big notes for long compared to Melinda Doolittle and Fantasia.
ouch, paula didn't like the performance. but i sadly have nothing to say to defend her. no goosebumps here. so, haihz... SHE'S STILL GOOD. i already know she's not going to win anywayz
hmmm, she looks so sad. hopefully someone else screws up. YEAH, U GO girl! speak it!!!

and another advert....

*ridsect goodnite tak diganggu nyamuk*
btw, anyone watched the newest episode of heroes yet? its really cool now don't u think? i think i haf ADD since i can't concentrate on just talking about one topic. but u can't really blame me rite? would u wan to read about BBC news advert? lol...

ANOOP DESAI was apologising about something he did last week. and his parents sound like authentic indian. He's singing "True Colours". good, get back to the ballads, thats where u do well. hmmm, a bit boring la. how la, hes not going to make it if nothing great happens in the next 30 seconds. hmmm.... a bit bland. how la, why are all my favourites not doing properly this week? ooo, nice note there. that's more like it. but so so nia la... not fantastical s i would like it to be. if people are great, he's still gonna be down there.
judges seem to like it. hes been liken to a yoyo. and simon encourages people to speak back to the judges. KUMBAYAH KUMBAYAH!!!! lol...

ANOTHER ADVERT???!!!! gees...

SCOTT Mc INTYRE wants to be a train engineer. he's singing "The Search Is Over". and he ditched his piano for a guitar. ooo, not just any guitar. an ELECTRIC guitar. a bit ironic that he could see forever. LOL.... sorry, i shall not make fun of him. i dun like the high notes, i think got two notes koyak. and i tink the guitar a bit more for show rather than playing. but i don't think i would like it as much. he and electric guitar just don't gel. IT supposedly is his punk side coming out. if that's the case, i hope his punk side gets buried soon.
judges didn't like it. almost on the verge of hating it. ok. maybe i am a bit harsh on him. maybe because hes only there because of his disability.

ALLISON IRAHETA coming up. her mum sounds like latina. is she??? she's singing "I Can't Make You Love Me". she does look like Kelly Clarkson. somehow not as lucky though. Kelly never landed in the bottom ever. shes got nice lower register. Don't discount her yet. i think she might spring a surprise. and there u go, the high note. a bit too short, no moment. nice song, but think she should have done something that could show off a bit more.
ooo, Paula has the same comment i have?! about the note that is. the judges think that she looks like kelly too. and of course, the judges agree with me that she could sing. looks like i am a bit harsh on her too...


MATT GIRAUD the soul guy... hopefully he gets the support of the SOUL PATROL!!! that is supporter of Taylor Hicks... but Hicky got so much more personality than matt.
he's singing a Stevie Wonder song, "Part Time Lover". and i love it the moment it started. so soulful. so groovy. Kara has officially been infected with the paulalikestodancea-virus. it makes people stand up and dance and totally ignores the audience behinds who wants to see more than their body twisting.
and paula tries to seduce simon again. lovely performance. nice save from last week i feel. perfect song. he gets a standing ovation from paula.
they should really hire me to be a judge

too bad theres another advert. they should have kept megan in the show. i would like to see what she would have done. read spastic dancing but with lovely jazz voice i think she would be more likable if she did not have the tattoo all over the arm. i think it really does turn people off, and it just doesn't go with any dress.

ADAM LAMBERT is next. he's blonde? why then he dye his hair black? who am i to complain? now that i have red hair i didn't get the title of the song. i can't believe i am saying this, i actually like his performance. nice lighting, set up. a bit ghostly, but terrific kind of way. this is wat i call a performance. i just abandoned all my favourites. lol... it was really really good. controlled.
let's see wat the judges say. and he managed to get a standing ovation from SIMON!!!! so... who do i think will be in the bottom 3?

bottom 3: lil, scott, allison

Wednesday, April 08, 2009 . 1:04 AM

Life After Exam

IS ENTIRELY BORING!!! i feel like i lost a purpose in my life.... but on the contrary, that means i have lots of time to myself to do the things i want. like shopping, bowling, karaoke-ing.

i also get to watch a bit more tv... pick up on the workout that i have not been doing for the past few months. sad, i know, i have been gaining weight, but i lost two kilos already

and yes, christine, i will try to update more often... and less about reality tv shows... more about myself.

i am going to try to go swimming more often... i want to exercise!

a bit about wat happen since i got my results... i realised my competitiveness is really sometimes overboard. i dun realise that it could affect people. i suck at hiding my emotions la... really suck at it. so it always show on my face. it is sad people sometimes cant see it from other people's perspective. but it could very well be difference in opinion.

i am going to try to be less sampat these days... trying to cut down on getting involved in too may politics...

i wan to put in effort to grow the cell group before i leave. its a bit saddening that people dun reply ur sms. as tho they disappeared from the face of the earth.

and american idol is coming up again. remember to tune in to my recap and predictions.
so far i managed two weeks in a row, to guess 2 of the bottom 3 correctly and the person eliminated. lets keep that momentum going. i mite just try one of those minute by minute recap. haha
if only im that good at evaluating people and relationship too

till tomoro... toodles