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Friday, July 31, 2009 . 3:14 PM


Yes... if you haven't been listening to Hitz.FM... i have been gotcha-ed by Diong Chi Yao. and yes, it was played on the radio this morning.

Fret not, i appreciate a good laugh too. so i know how much this means to you all. after all, if you can't afford to laugh at yourself, how to laugh at other people right?

so here it goes, i have embedded the video here for your listening pleasure. so you can all listen and listen and laugh until the cows come home Don't deny it. i can almost see you on the floor now. apparently it was also edited to be a snippet.

i feel so loved. weird i know, but at least someone out there care enough to punk me.

so enjoy. -.-'

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 . 10:29 PM

Hello, may i speak to Allan pls?

This is Joseph speaking. im caling from the visa security. it has come to my attention that you tried to book a flight from Air Asia with a credit card but the card was blocked, and u used direct debit after that. is that true?

whose credit card did you use?

my friend's. but because the validation is blocked, thats why we switched to direct debit.

then why did you keep trying?

because it says that validation failed, so i thought there must be some info that i type wrongly.

you see, the transaction is blocked because we suspect that this is credit card is cloned. let me be very honest with you, we are suspecting you to be one of those fellas who clone credit card ans use them.

the above was the snippet of what happened to me in class. someone called the HITZ.FM morning crew to Gotcha me. and i got gotcha-ed. i yelled in my class and everyone thought i was demon possessed.

moral of the story, dun pick up phone in class.

if u wan to noe wat happens next... stay tuned and listen to HITZ.FM.

i dunno which day they are playing, but that day will come when i dig a hole big enough to bury myself from the humiliation i will get.

but its all in good faith. thank you Chi Yao for setting it up. u still think of me even though im at the other side of the peninsula. im indeed blessed to have crazy frens like u. i will get my revenge i promise. just when u least expect it.

i did say bullshit on air though. will they sensor it?


At 3:30 AM, Blogger Days In My Life said...

OMG!!! ur on gotcha!!! u didnt tel me also!!! amazing la!! hahaha


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Monday, July 20, 2009 . 1:25 PM

its been two weeks... i think i have pretty much settled down. to the lifestyle in KT, not the doctor life yet. went to the hospital yesterday and saw the amount of work I have to cover, it's really a bit daunting. it means studies, studies and MORE studies!

on the other hand... went to dungun last friday.... drove down to met lydia and daniel minjoot. people there are so nice, at the end of the day, i really left with a heavy heart. of course, food was uber awesome. and the company.... SUPERB!

i really miss KL.... and the friends there. MSN is as good as it gets. but the good news is IM COMING HOME SOON!

during raya....

might try to sneak in a surprise visit for my family la... dunno yet. see how la. cannot tell cos if tell then no surprise edi and trying to get my sis and brother back from ireland. long story. but if it works, at least i have my siblings all grown up and ready to face the world proper this time. and my parents will have someone to boss around again! haha....

off to study..... told u the posts wil come surely.... haha... imagine the amount of backdated post i have.... :p

Monday, July 06, 2009 . 3:35 PM

for those of you who does not know, i am currently in Kuala Terengganu McD's typing this. it has been a day i am alone here. living alone isn't exactly what i expected. hopefully it becomes better when people come over here.

i cooked my first meal away from home today. i am quite proud of myself. no pictures here tho. no camera.

will try to update as much as i can. currently the internet connection at my place is horrible. that explains the reason why im in McD doing this post.

i know i still owe you a lot of post. they will come. Slowly, but surely. actually more slowly than surely