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Thursday, May 06, 2010 . 3:18 PM

omg its been so lon since i last updated. and u wun believe the circumstances that has led me to blog now..... i am currently in the lecture hall, listening, or rather pretend to listen to the seminar given by students. my friend and i had a bet to see who would fall asleep first... n since i almost lost, i tot it wud be good to update my blog on my phone while staying awake... WIN WIN situation. anyways, i am now seven weeks away to finishing my third yr of medical studies!!! i have gone through OBGYN, orthopedics n emergency posting.... currently in surgery posting... n realised i reli suck in anatomy. anyhow... i will try to update more often. i duwan my blog to be an abandoned child. btw, now dat im almost done blogging this, the seminar has not ended yet. can someone teach me how i can type in paragraphs on my phone????