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Monday, September 24, 2007 . 9:22 PM

chi yao, u never fail to inspire me at all times...

writing this because baru habis reading your blog.... ok lah, tribute to you, proud or not? happy or not? u must be jumping around your room now...

i too miss the times when we just lie in the dark and talk n talk n talk without having to worry whether if this person can be trusted or not, because i do trust this person with my life.

and at this moment, i lament the fact that friends i have around me either don't know me enough to have the kind of friendship i have with you, enoch, troy and joel. and to think tht by next year, even troy will be leaving malaysia, then i am really alone.

regardless the gender, everyone must have a place to be able to pour their heart out to, without fearing embarassment of any sort. and i am glad to have found these friends.

hopefully i have become friends enough for some of the people i hang out with now to trust me the way i trust you. will i ever find another friend like you? i do hope that every friendship i have is one worth holding on to, cause there are some you know you have to let go for the good of both parties.

today's lecture was really fun, we had to present a topic on health education. my group, being the more sane one, chose cigarette smoking, turns out to be a good choice too, coz every other group did almost the same thing. we were different, so cannot compare. lol... others either did on safe sex or condoms... though i dun agree with someof it, it's still fun to watch...

btw, the long post i have been talking about, too lazy to type it out lah, u wan to help me type?

another thing, i have lecture during youth camp, then diong our first date cancelled liao how? coz my exam on 19/11... then second sem start 3 dec... sommore this year i was approached to become the so called camp co ordinator... i would like to heed the challenge, but now it seems highly unlikely... should i ponteng lecture???


At 2:10 AM, Blogger cider said...

*cue for MJ you're not alone* heh

regarding the skipping lecture part,hm,depends on who's lecture, if its behavioural science or any of that sort,by all means, go ahead XD

i'm done with exams,stress-free till thurs, so stoppin by at ur blog n talk nonsense =) muahaha

Just one word for d whole batch : RELAX


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