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Sunday, January 17, 2010 . 2:21 PM

OMG!!!! i thought i talk a lot. but no.... i have been upstaged. this invited speaker has been talking for the past 1 hour, but only passed 5 slides. n by the looks of it, theres no stopping him. unless he get heart attack. at last count, there was at least 10 ppl sleeping. n here i am blogging on my phone. FIRST PHONE BLOG POST!!! whee.... *looks up* still talking. oh wait, he jz change slides. crap, he continued talking. have a good week ahead ppl. ==

Monday, January 11, 2010 . 1:08 PM

the most recent post on malaysian insider, which i have also posted on my facebook, said that we christians deserved the church burning.

maybe this fellow is right. if they want the word so bad, take it. then guess what is going to happen, the government is going to claim victory and said they have defended the peoples' right, so VOTE FOR ME! they will say that they have fought in the sake of their religion, and emerged on top, despite the fact that it was us that will give up the fight. its true that God doesn't need us to fight, He can fight his own battle. He just wants people to believe. but at this point, is it worth the fight?

i can almost see that fact that by giving them the word, we may emerge as the better group, the one who is actually more tolerant, the one who practice what the religion tells us to. maybe by doing this, we can let more people see the beauty of Christianity.

but still, it is a violation to my rights as a Malaysian. so no, at this point, i will not give up the fight.

however, if this continues any longer, the government will only have themselves to blame when the massive brain drain occurs, n we become the next Zimbabwe.

chi yao u have almost managed to convince me to migrate

Friday, January 08, 2010 . 2:42 PM

what a way to start the new year....

before this i was filled with hope that indeed the new decade to come will be a great one. after Pr Daniel's inspiring message on watchnight, i was bent on not becoming a "malaysia cannot change wan" malaysian. I so wanted to believe that it will transpire into future plans, seeing more progress, less bickering and peace. i sound like miss universe now

but look at it now.... 8 days into the new year, all i heard is bickering, fighting, government supporting protests, politicians fanning flame to use it to their advantage, church under attack. i always thought persecution was something seen in other countries, that our country was tolerant and safe enough to profess our own faith. APPARENTLY I WAS WRONG. n now its right in front of us.

this morning, when i was about to put on my shirt, coincidentally it was one with bible verses over it, i actually hesitated for a while. is it safe to wear this t shirt?

then i thought, if i cannot even stand up to profess my faith at this point, (albeit not to say im extremely religious), how am i to say anything when i see Him in heaven? so i donned the shirt and walked out into the streets of KT. and guess what, i guess people in KT are way more tolerant and ready to embrace 1Malaysia. either that or ignorance is bliss. haha.

at this point, i feel really sad that my country has progressed to this point. indeed there are arguments and counter arguments on the Allah issue. my question is, why is something that was never an issue suddenly became an issue? why treat your fellow malaysian in such hostile manner? why is it you belittle your own faith, or rather the faith of other Muslims, that it will be shaken/confused by a single word? are you saying that people are that shallow?

if only there are more people like Mr. Shazwan Mustafa Kamal, Marina Mahathir around, i think malaysia is truly the best place to be. IF ONLY.

at this point, all i can do is pray. and to vote in the next election. people of this generation, i urge you, if you are not registered, you have to. this is the only way now to save our country. besides from crying out to God that is.