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Wednesday, November 25, 2009 . 12:35 PM

Cooking Demonstration for Mothers and Klinik Desa plus last day of posting

Finally!!! Ths sun is shining. Brightly i might add.
this two din look very bright though. neither did the two below.

The road is finally dry.

We went on road trip today. went to two different klinik desa. One in Rawai and the other at Tebakang.
Justin poser.
this is how it looks like in Rawai.

where else can you find chickens running around in a clinic?
Such a Kampung feel....

The nurses were teaching the pregnant mothers what they should eat.
This is for one day.

The pregnant mothers.

this is tebakang clinic....

took photo with the nurse who took us there. I forgot her name.

My Group Members

Tryin to be funny but epic PHAIL....
ending up kena pinch by the girls in front for not giving them the perfect picture.

on another day, we had mannequin session with the nurses teaching about breast examination and pap smear.

Nurse teaching us how to do BSE.

Calvin molesting the model.
So that marks our last day of community medicine. So we decided to buy the nurses a simple gift of appreciation.

A bunch of flowers.
On a cake.

few more weeks to end the first semester with the exam to come on CHRISTMAS EVE!!!

And a proper group photo to end off the post.



At 11:05 PM, Blogger Chiox said...

U sure you guys are qualified to act as potential doctors ah...maybe shud frame up the first 2 photos in your future clinic... =)


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Post Natal Visit

Yes, if you are still asking, IT IS STILL RAINING!!!

anyway, we were smarter today. all of us wore slippers instead of shoes. and we went on a post natal visit. Post natal visit is done for every mother who gave birth. they go and visit the mum and check the baby.
SEE world...

i was so caught up with the 2 day old baby i forgot totally about the mother.


Salute to the people of Terengganu

You know how we always complain about the flood in KL... I think it pales it comparison to what Terengganu people go through every single year!

So after like 5 days of non stop raining, we were due to go to the clinic for some cooking demo. But on our way to the clinic, this is what we saw.

And this was how the clinic looks like.

Another view

Pity those nurses that stayed there.
Even the flower pots were submerged.

Naturally (haha, natural, get it?), our trip got canceled because certain areas were flooded.

I never thought I would roll up my pants take off my shoes and walk to the clinic.
Me and Justin posing.

Good experience nonetheless.

I was fearful for my car though, thats why we walked to our car to repark.


Saturday, November 21, 2009 . 8:02 PM

I am currently at my friend's place.... just made red wine chicken for all my friends. I don't think all of them like it though. haha. as usual, it's a Foo Chow dish, and not everyone likes it.

let's see what I have done so far. This past week has been quite boring. after a big fall out with my housemates, now going home means going into my room and staying there till the next morning. That also means staying away from all his friends in KL.... which may not entirely be a bad thing i presume...

Furthermore, community medicine is being annoying now.... the mothers refuse to let us guys touch their stomach. malu they say.... so all we will ever know about pregnant mothers will be only theory.

but i did have a fun time in CG yesterday. it was the monsoon season n we decided to have a BBQ. It was good time mingling around with the seniors and also playing mafia. i STILL LOVE the game. nothing beats that game when it comes down to strategy games like these. it requires nothing and only needs ur strategic skills. i think i did quite well, considering the four rounds we played, i only got killed once and voted off twice beyond second round. thats pretty good for me. people who had played mafia with me would normally either kill me off the first or vote me out immediately. MAFIA ANYONE????

looking forward to going back to KL next weekend. I can't wait to see my bestest bestest bestest bestest best friend. I can't wait to see my family. I can't wait to choose my new phone~~~


(now i m so addicted to survivor and this korean show called My Too Perfect Sons. awesome stuff)

till the next post...

Saturday, November 07, 2009 . 5:10 PM

now that my second posting is over.... i can finally kick back and relax a bit with community medicine.... a lot of sitting in the classroom, traveling to different parts of Terengganu for visits.... (in the monsoon it isn't exactly the best time to have this posting though...) i have this sudden weird thought that we would probably need to take the sampan to reach our destination, in our nicely dressed shirts and tie while being drenched...

for those of you who read the news, don't worry, it's not flooded here in KT.... but i got to say, the sea is looooooking FIERCE!!!! i never seen waves this ganas before....

yesterday went to a lecturer's house for barbeque... it was a lot of fun, except the part where everyone just sits down and listen to his story while some had to toil throughout the day to prepare, cook and even clean up. URGH.... disgustingness.... no initiative isit? so i think the next time i do actually want to do something, i would only really invite those i appreciate lo, otherwise people might just take you for granted. it's ok for a while, but it does get tiresome after a while.

missing KL so much edi.... anyone wants to sponsor my flight back????

big laugh terbahak bahak alert....

(ignore the pinky.... i dunno why its sticking out oso)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009 . 9:52 PM

hi people... i noe i have abandoned my blog for a very long time... but in my defence, internal medicine isn't exactly the easiest thing in medicine. tomorrow is my exam... hopefully i will do well then after that, i can blog properly... until then, do kip me in prayers. off to study asthma now. see u all very soon