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Thursday, October 30, 2008 . 1:33 PM

actually i wan to post about this fren of mine, super macho but carrying a pink pillow. then i decided against it since i figured its reli not that funny... so ya...

anywayz... been doing my dum dum moral assignment... its killing my brain cells more than the neurons are... but i guess thats why all philosophers got white hair or bald... after that, i can focus on killing my brain cells studying neurosciences...

i can't believe the year is coming to an end.... it's so fast... i still remember going to teacher's house for angpow... i still remember preparing for exams... singapore trip... etc etc... but the year is coming to an end...

must end well... then i can start again... WHHHEEEE!!!! *hint hint*

let's see if any of my year end plan come to past... but definitely my cousin from aussieland is coming.... CAN'T WAIT!!!

we even made a game called sit-on-joel-without-getting-knee-up-my-ass. lol

it is ok if u duwan to sell duck noodle... i understand they are your friends... but i got insulted when i heard u wan to sell prawn noodles....


sorry, inside joke... hehe


At 4:33 PM, Blogger Meiyih said...



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Monday, October 27, 2008 . 10:30 PM


LOUD indeed.... not just the sound, but the proclamation that indeed young people are creative... that you will never know what talents lurks within the person next to you and u might just get the shock of your life when u find out... as in what happen to all my parent's friends when they saw me, or when i saw my cell members dancing along and jumping to sing praises to Him. it was exhilarating.

when it all first started, i was trying to be calm.... then when i heard the numbers i got scared. Very Scared. what if i make mistakes i still did in the end, but the band covered up pretty well
wat if i forget my words... the more i thought of it, the more i worry... luckily i got friends who is always there for me... even though none of them made it there, their smses and calls pulled me through.

7 o clock arrived. we were in the make up room watchin the countdown clock. as it reached the final 10 seconds, u can hear the crowd counting down together. and wat a way to start a show. the junkyard invaders did awesome to get the crowd going. they were cheering to the beat and rhythm made with pots and pans (literally). it didn't stop there... the dance crew... when out and did their thang... with flips and lifts... really cool....

then it was our turn... Project Gsus...
i reli gave my all... i din hold anything back... i went there like a crazy rock star. lemme hear u shout... people from chs let me hear some noise etc etc... i was running around the stage as though it was my concert... we sang and jumped... i really thank my cell members to stand right in front of stage shouting words of encouragements to me... to see them worship abandoned is truly an amazing sight...

1 am came next... i wish i could say abit more... by now i was tired and hungry so i went to get food... and to prepare for the finale...

the finale was.... UNBELIEVABLE... the crowd went into overdrive... maybe becoz everyone knew the song... then nicely made a big boo boo... luckily the band covered up for me...
to see thousand people jumping together... what a sight to reckon...

funny thing was... no one expected allan to be this crazy dude on stage with green hair...


Tattoo... green hair... wat's next for allan the vain pot rocker??? lol... i like the big screen picture of me btw... but i like this groupie picture even more!!!


At 8:59 PM, Blogger d3nz13 said...



*i'm praising u btw xD*

At 9:53 PM, Blogger *esther* said...

hehe hey allan,

i was there that night :)it was a great night. my friend accepted christ, too!

and u looked good! ;) rockstar now, huh? hehehhe. yeah u were right - didnt expect to see u with green hair. ;P

good job, allan!


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Thursday, October 23, 2008 . 6:03 PM

this is how u do it....

this is what a medical student do when they are bored...

yes... u blow dry your shoe in the toilet...

no la... actually its another lesson we need to learn here people... its dun put coffee on the chair...
coz when its spilled over your shoes... u end up with a stained shoes and burned toes. hehe...

this was a joke i heard from a friend today... coz he sed our taste in joke so bad he decides to help up our sophistication level...


direct translation... there once was a pianist... but he dunno how to play the piano.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008 . 4:43 PM

Birthday ShoutOUT

TO KP Chen and Wern Jyet,

both of them are my form 6 classmates... both very smart... one in NUS... the other in UPM... both oso 4.0 students.... they oso share the same birthday... even though different year


Since someone broke the promise... i am therefore relieved of all promises to blog three times a day... u siao ah? three times a day? u tink i chatterbox want to tell the whole world everything i do meh? i mean theres not enough things that happen in a day to tell it in 3 separate post...

so anywayz... i tot if i reli wan to catch up to 700
i can do so in a day... if i blog one letter a post... LOL

can?? can??

and yups... today in class rite... got this classmate duno why suddenly shouted, then she cry... then she walk out of class... then she come back like nothing happen... and u wonder why medical school drop out rate is high...

got another story to tell... but will leave it to the next post... hint: it involves coffee


At 4:49 PM, Blogger Meiyih said...

can. if you that free la. to slowly post.


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Tuesday, October 21, 2008 . 6:13 PM

u noe yday nite... something really cool happened...

my parents went out for a movie... guess wat, they decided to buy the tickets and went for MAMA MIA...

what was so cool was i never actually got to see them go out and have fun as a couple... yday was a pleasant suprise... when they went for it... i just smiled and gave mum a hug... i am so glad that they are willing to spend time on their own...

so sweet i tell u...

Monday, October 20, 2008 . 8:00 PM

Panic Button

this happened few months back when i was in penang. i was at this parking lot of the hotel... it is linked to the shopping complex. i was there to attend a friends wedding la... so anywayz... two major things happened la...

1) i ran around the whole mall looking for cuff links... can't get.... resorted to hair pin.... luckily no one know...

2) at this shopping complex... the parking lot got this funny thing called the panic button.
here i tot panic button is somewhere on your body where u press when u stress for exam...

only thing is, i can't find the button... neither on my body nor the wall
Blogging from Uni

for the few people who actually do blog hopping... u wud then by this time know who i am refering to... yes, i am trying to catch up to 700 posts... and by that this person and i came up with the plan that she will stop blogging for one week... while i blog three times a day as if she will stop blogging for a week and as if i got all the time in the world to blog... NO NID TO STUDY AH???

anyways... yesterday the family went out for dinner at KFC... so funny, u shud see... we are so helath conscious but we needed food to come fast... dats why kfc la... so when we were there... everyone din wan to take the soft drink... or refuse to eat the chicken skin etc etc...

then i let my sister read this super hilarious post between chi yao and his friend, playing games during lecture while they were killing time. can u imagine we both looked at the computer and laughed. and laugh... so effective lazy to go find the post and link it, coz uni lab computer very slow... but u go find the blog la... then go under august i tink... slowly find about him and the boring lecture fun time he had in class.

was reading a bit of jessica's blog... very chim le... read her blog can invoke thoughts... it makes u wonder and think and reflect upon urself...

just finished moral exam... very tricky i tell u...

shud start on my assignment soon... maybe at 12pm.

and still saving my voice for something LOUD!!!

first time blogging from uni.... told you the new century of my post log will be consistent... if only my studies were as consistent too... lol

yesterday discovered i got huge eye bags on one side... maybe i sleep with one eyes open... dats why1 side bigger than the other... any one with eye bag reducing techniques?


At 7:02 PM, Blogger Days In My Life said...

VP told me to put ice cold tea bags, seems tht it works...=)


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Sunday, October 19, 2008 . 11:09 AM


i so happy posting until i forgot to count... i missed the 100th post.. i promised it will be a big one... so here comes.... a lot has changed since i started the blog... dun belief me... i prove to u...

then in form 5

now in 2008
and others too ugly i cannot bear to show them...lol

and now let me present to you people who made a difference in my life...

friends i treasure...

chi yao (my bestest bestest bestest bestest best friend)

troy and mei yih ( bestie)

enoch and rachael (a tradition we had... to take picture with his dimple... and becoz all three of us actually have dimples on our face, hence this pose)

roshan, ralph, jr and prashant (my brothers)ignore the bottles

siu yean, yee sing and beh super cam whore groupie

the sampat abc... allan, beh and chen kp story goes that when these three come together, no news escape them

and of coz my cell members...

satay party

too shaky... another one


and now people i grew up with
primary school
sing ping, wei ying, rachael, vern may
yi perng, liao lao shi, yi chin
yuxuan, jian wei, joseph

secondary school
wei zheng, Zhou Hau, jo yee, joel, phang kit, tian ping
hui ying nig nig ahuy phoebe Pb2+, penguin, blur queen Princess fernypoo etc etc

and form 6...
chun seng, chooi, jen yaw, bulat, khoo didi, agung, me, beh tahan flirt, wong pak, transport minister zhi heng, kit nyin, puei teen
jia ken, chern hoong, dickson, langui fong fly, lqheiuaau, li shan gila bola dan darcy, vietnam queen jing wen, jessmine, and pat gu ci min.
sory, a lot of inside joke... dats how much fun we had in F6

me, shawn, beh, fly, siu yean and ci min in redang

shocking i know, but its true... my sis... she does play an important part in my life. hehe

these people made my life the way it is.... i can't thank them enough... u see, without them... life wudn't be as colorful...

other people i want to thank but got no photo... pr foo, pr eng eng, navin, sabrina, mohan, dharshini and lots more... sorry i left any names out... its taking a toll on me, to make such a long post with so many pictures... chi yao and mei yih and denzie will be proud of me... lol

till then... this is to many more yrs of frenship and brotherhood!!!


At 12:40 PM, Blogger Days In My Life said...

tc boi!!!! u look way much better nw thn then..haha...lovely post.. im honoured to be ur fren..frens forever..

At 12:53 PM, Blogger d3nz13 said...

i prefer the pic when ur in f5 xD
its sooo much more like u xD
just kidding xD
my brain cells are so dead already xD

At 1:32 PM, Blogger -meiyih said...

yay yay yay (again!) and, yes very proud of you. 101st post d! (; don't emo emo, mr elmo. OKAY OKAY :)


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diong oh diong... how can u understand me so well... lol...


At 7:06 PM, Blogger Days In My Life said...

wow...im speechless..sumtimes i do feel like them, ppl take me for granted, wel thn again this is life, wat cn we say and do abt it..u take care..God is always with us, he is testing and watching over us, He wil do wat is best for us........


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Balls Pedal...

funny story... we were having practices for LOUD that day... somehow this story came up

fren A: you know whats the pedal u say that day that singer use to hit the very high notes?
Fren B: oh... the balls pedal... u tie to the balls then when u step on the pedal... u go *AAAHHH*somewhere in the two octaves above middle c
Fren A: hahaha... ya lah... when u tell me dat day i believe u sommore...
Me: hahahahahaha....


Friday, October 17, 2008 . 11:52 AM

My New Layout

hehe... first of all... this is the best i can work wit... dunno how to adjust the borders... still a noob in html... until then please bear with me.

also, got to change the cute one becoz
1) people say too childish i told u i am immature rite
2)i forgot to host the pictures myself... so the ugly banner from photobucket decided to join the sky in my blog and tell the world dat my bandwidth had exceeded the limit time to blog skin shopping.
3)want to make the blog a bit more *ahem* sophisticated
4)i like la.... dun u tink the picture on top is so cool... like me

thanks to sabrina, who helped me with the decision this time. hehe, apparently i got more loyal readers than i know. what glee... what joy... what honour... glee....

ohohoh.... LOUD concert is coming up... practices sounds good... and u noe wat... CHS friends currently stands at 23!!!!

can't wait for LOUD!

uni started as well... haihs... nervous system... but i tink not at all nervous... still in holiday mood.

till then, 96th post... feel free to leave comments if can... no fun if i am the only one making quantum leaps... lol


At 12:31 PM, Blogger tc boi said...

just tryin this out

At 12:31 PM, Blogger Days In My Life said...

since i help, thn let me be the first to comment on your new image, one word : AWESOME!!..sorry cnt make it to loud, would rely love to see you perform..wel thn again there is always karaoke..hehe..take care..



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Thursday, October 09, 2008 . 1:47 PM

yo yo people... i am feeling so much better now... aiya, i super emo freak la... always so over sensitive. stupid things oso can kacau my feelings... so anywayz... i wana tell you all about LOUD!!!!
its coming soon on the 26th october... so people, invite your friends!!!!

below is the video... just sneak peek...

Monday, October 06, 2008 . 10:18 PM

this is first of all meant to be rants... of my life, where i need a place to dump my emotions. so bear with me.

to whoever,

i realise the problem between you and i. the problem is when i hang out with you, i hang out with friends whom i know through you. being a friend, you taught me not to bypass your friends. guess what, that means i cannot actually meet up with these group of people without telling you or you around. but guess wat, i am already not in your inside circle. i was excluded a few times from few things... you don't always call me for things... i understand, can't pin that on you... those are your friends, whom you know better and for longer time. its my mistake for putting myself so much into this friendship. i deserve to be lonely for my own stupidity. reli, its not entirely ur fault, its mine for being so dependent on friends... maybe i am tryin too hard to be accepted.

dat said and done, u still mean a lot to me. dats why i consider u my blood brother. i will still do anything for you, you taught me that. but i try not expect anything major from you anymore. lest i get hurt everytime it fall short of expectation. but when it does come through, it will be a pleasant suprise. u said u still treat me like a brother, but i feel like we are drifting apart everytime, and its not getting any better. i dunno if ur hiding behind a facade. i wish u wudn just say everything is ok, or just leave it. at least i noe where i stand. then i dun haf to try so hard to find out what u think. forgive me if i seem distant or on the outs... its my defense mechanism talking... i guess the only way to make this less painful is for u to decide that i no longer am fit to be ur friend. so forgive me for distancing myself. and i noe for sure u wud never read this... so at least i spoke my mind... maybe not to u.. but its out of me... less frustration, anger, disappointment, resentment.

feel so much better...