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Thursday, May 22, 2008 . 12:17 AM

my cousin sed i am so dressed for havoc... aka party... i beg to differ...

i wud like to say i look good in these clothes...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008 . 11:19 PM

hi people... i am blogging right now from my cousin's house in Singapore... I have never seen downloading speed so fast before in my life. STREAMYX, BUCK UP!!!

niwaz, i will update u more about my singapore trip when i am free... but do take note dat i haf bought myself some nice baju... will post them up soon... i look really good in them (i heard u whisper vain pot... TAKE DAT BACK!)

anyhoos, shopping has been fun... never actually took the liberty to shop on my own. still, i need help from frens and cousins to be my fashion consultant.

await the pictures...

on a serious note, i am in singapore oso to take a break from the things i do in life. am i running the CG on a professional basis? or do i really love doing wat i do? wat is God speakin to me now? dat is one of the questions i need answered by the end of this trip... so far its been treating me nice... and God hasn't really bombed me yet... but i am sure, it will come in due time...
till then... adieu

Saturday, May 10, 2008 . 8:21 AM

thanks for all your prayers... i am officially done with first year of medical school!
but i still need to work harder for the next four years (god willing, i dun fail any year) to try to achieve better grades!

here i want to thank all those who had prayed for me relentlessly. couldn't have done it without u guys! also, i want to especially thank Jr, Liam, Ralph and Prashant for the study time together, even though we were doin different courses.

now i got lots to do before i start my second year. Since the plan to go Australia not working out, i have to think of other things to do...

Wednesday, May 07, 2008 . 12:40 PM

hi blog, it'sbeen a long time since i last blog... this is the same reason why kp didn't blog... coz i was having exams... now that exam is over... i am looking forward to getting my result. THIS FRIDAY! why so effiecient wan? good oso la... if i pass, then i can spend the next three weeks of my holidays to actually have fun... but then must prepare for second year oso la.

oh yes, for those of you who didn't already know, I GOT MY CAR!!!!! so just sent the car in for its first 1000 kilometer service.

one more thing, i feel really blessed to have friends from all over the place. in NZ, AUS, Kenya, Tanzania, Singapore, US... and i feel blessed coz my parents trust me enough to let me go travel... but of coz must fork out the money myself la... so ppl, if u noe got cheap air fares quickly let me know ah... mum say she wan to go to australia this may holidays... ppl in aussie, let me know the price quick so i can quickly book and go find you... yes, chi yao, you... just to prove to you dat it iss possible to find a third person from DUMC to be in canberra. and if all things go well, i will be going to vietnam year end with some of my bros... well, if it doesnt work out... i will just wait till ppl come back from wherever they are

and humans... please continue to keep me in prayers coz my results is coming out in two days time. i know, call me a nerd. i dun care. haha. casey got shocked when i told him i am actually capable of failing papers. but dat doesnt mean i dun care about it ok. i got depressed for a while.

so this nerd is gonna go sign off now, to un-nerd himself and go for movies, futsal, badminton, bowling kaaraoke etc... any takers?