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Tuesday, December 27, 2005 . 9:02 PM

Hello… this is like my post in a million years… but finally I am able to sit down in front of the computer not needing to worry about anything, other than my homework… I am still working on a tight schedule. Haihz, stretching myself too much… I am so tired… I thank God for the hometown trip. I was able to sleep in to my heart’s content. And enough of my babbling, and start with some updating.

5th to 7th December
went on a class trip to catch bugs… we did manage to catch some… see more and played even more…. Conquering our fear of heights to go on the hanging bridge, put faith in one string on the flying fox, picture 54, playing mafia till 3 am, jungle trekking and mosquito feeding, it was a trip worth while. Managed to know some of the classmates better, too bad not everyone can go. Everyone saw the other side of me, the wild side. Never can one imagine I can inflict so much injury on few person in a game of captain ball. Just ask Dickson… he was my primary victim… I guess ppl might not trust me too much anymore, after those rounds of mafia-ing, I hope I didn’t bluff them too much.

8th to 11th December
Scrambling to finish the planning for youth camp which is approximately 10 days away. All last minute stuff was done during this period. And also, on the 11 of December, I was baptized. Hahahahahhahaha, happiness… that night, I once again proved that guys really can talk thru the nite if they want to. As done by me and chi yao as I stayed over his place. We talked till 4 something in the morning and it was about time for us to leave for Pangkor.

12th to 14th December
I went to a trip to Pangkor with four of my friends, Chi Yao, Enoch, Kevin and Joel. We played taboo in the car, talked and talked, played risk, original uno, and stayed up till 3 am. That was fun. To know more, read this.

14th and 15th December
these are the most hectic day of the year. I had worship practice from 5pm to 10 pm on 14th, then 9am to 9pm on the 15th, at the same time, I was working to tie up all ends for the camp program and also the competition. My gosh, sleep is something I crave for so badly.

16,17 December
I still dun get rest as I spend the day in church office to do all stuff. Tiring, but very fun.

18th to 21st December
I went to the “sound Generation” media camp a.k.a. youth camp. This is one camp worth going. Not just because it’s church, but the content, all about media, gosh so fun. We talked about music, movie but down to it all, the message that it brings thru still resonates in my mind. It was tiring also coz every nite I have to stay up to discuss more stuff regarding the next day. At this time, I would like to thank Rachael and Jared for doing so much. Especially Rach for staying up late together and discuss things out. Hoie Chew, so glad you can make it to the camp, too bad din get to spend some time together. And u r leaving soon. Oh well. Life goes on. Jus dun forget this fren k? The bus ride home was fun, torturing everyone (esp Hoie Chew) with all the lame games collection I have. So fun. Who wants to try? Anyone? The competition was also done with. I competed in the singing competition. Managed to make it to the finals. Wonder if I win anything…

22nd to 24th December
this is a family trip to …. Once again…… Pangkor. But this time with 10 other families.
We(the teens) played snap, big 2, bluff, and snap, big 2, bluff, and snap, big 2… u get the picture… but we also went island hopping, I went snorkeling (my first time) so fun…. Also we went on banana boat ride… (my first time too) even funner… it was so fun when the fall comes… there was this time when the boat when too fast and all of us lost balance and we fell in the middle of the sea, exhilarating experience… a must try… (nods head wisely)
Precaution: injuries may occur during the fall. People tend to pile on one another.

25th to 27th December
I spent Christmas away from my friends. But I spent it with my family. The much anticipated rest came. So it was more slumber. But NOOOONONONONOOOOO….
My cousin had to get married during this period. So we were busy helping him out with chores. The wife is some fella from TV3, so she invited frens…. There was this guy I think he is the anchor for nightline, was the host for the night. My mum was so impressed by his voice… and foo chow dinner, my gosh, is another must try in life. No rice, just dishes, but it was a 10 course dinner. Meaning ten dishes including dessert. Ah, so stuffed… but also good sleep… haha…

So there, u have my condensed version of my holidays… still very busy now, trying to finish all my homework and all… need to start adapting to school life again… haihs…
Till the next post. Ciaoz.