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Friday, September 22, 2006 . 8:49 PM

*creaks* (door opens)
(flashlight shine)
(clears cobweb) *SCREAM*
(spider crawls away)
*blow* (eddy of dust stirred up)
hello? (echo)


my computer is finally fixed so now i can go online... i know a lot of people has been asking me (WHY U NEVER UPDATE AH?) i tell u lah... one word... LAZY... but now i am at it right... i might as well update, or else i wud never be able to update this blog... STPM IS ON ITS WAY>>> 5 weeks i think...

anyways... good news... i didn't fail any subject... so far maths 1, chem got improve... so good loh... i hope my forecast nicer...

so what else u want to know?

let me know lah... then i answer in update form...

i know chi yao i have been tagged... give me some time ok?


ais nallallan


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