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Tuesday, May 26, 2009 . 9:56 PM

I want to say Kris Allen deserves the win... i hope he does well in the future... u know how some winners just don't make it big enough. read Taylor Hicks Dun get me wrong, i think he's a great performer, i rooted for him all the way. But there's just no success to follow after that.

That being said, i think Adam Lambert will still make it big. it's just a matter of preference. i don't like to see the tongue of whoever is singing sticking out. no matter how good you are. why can't he just sing like how he did in "Mad World".

If i see his tongue again, i might need to cut it out.

i don't know what has Malaysia done to deserve this... the Perak tussle is crazy!

INCIDENT 1 : Zambry vs Nizar

first we have the court ruling that Nizar was the rightful MB. then the people celebrated. but PM say, " please dun be too happy just yet, we will appeal to repeal the decision"

Then, it really did happen. So the people were sad. then we got the DPM saying, " PKR, please accept defeat graciously."

WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH U ALL? why can u tell people to do one thing, and then u urself cannot do the same? then u tell people that the judge made the right decision. then u sayin the previous judge is useless is it? but then who put the judges there? isn't that shooting your own foot?


then now we read about the elections... firstly in penanti. government say don't want to fall into the traps of opposition. they don't want to waste funds and want to focus more on achieving the ONE MALAYSIA goal. fine, stay out of it, the people didn't really want you anyway based on the last elections. Then came Manek Urai. This is in kelantan, where we know that PAS has been in control for years. Now funny thing, logic tells me that unless i have no contest, it is highly unlikely that i would win if i contest for the geovernment. fine, u can argue it is because i was the one contesting ok. send someone from the government. UR pick. still that doesn't explain the bizzare decision to put your foot in for an election where u can't win. Isn't that wasting money???

HOW LA LIKE DAT? i cannot fathom the logic behind their decision.

Friday, May 15, 2009 . 9:10 AM

$€LL 0u7!

With the mandarin title "死了都要卖", this malaysian made movie has made heads turn in Italy, in Taipei, even garnering awards in film festivals. A first for Malaysia.

AS i have mentioned , i watched the movie yesterday. the starting was slow, it took me quite a while to finally understand what the starting was about. pardon me la, first time watching art film ma Reflecting himself by using his own name, he said that one should never make musicals, he went and did the very thing he said he wouldn't. the story is about one guy, who has invented a 8 in 1 soy machine, where u put in soy beans and different soy products are made. but he was fired for being original. N the leading lady, Rafflesia Pong, ( which i found out, her name given to reflect her skill as a TV host for a program that seeks to support the local artist FOR ART'S SAKE), who is struggling to make big waves in the industry, hit it big by using her own dying ex fiance to garner viewership. BOTH of them worked for FONY conglomerate, a company who copied their vision statement from another company in taiwan, cared only about making money. the TWO CEOS are hilarious. their antiques reflects and was aimed at making fun at how people only cared about profits. a lot of twist, that you would not expect, but it was a very good movie.

this movie also reflects the whole idea of post modernism, where your opinions all become relative. an example would be the snippet about reality tv. what people seek in reality tv shows is not reality, but fantasy, aka HYPER REALITY. more real than real. and how one really does not care about other opinions, as long as it doesn't bother them.

this is one musical i enjoyed, because it is not just a show for art sake, it depicts the society very well, in a subtle yet glaring, funny yet touching manner. it pokes fun at politics, money, corporate world unknowingly. the best part of it, it wasn't bleeped every 5 seconds even though some words you would not consider hearing being allowed in Malaysian censorship.
the tunes are also very catchy. my favourite being the song called "You're Not My Type"

listen to the one minute video here. (dats the best i cud get, couldn't find it anywhere. hopefully the OST gets released soon)

go watch the movie if u can ok? support Malaysian talent.



At 1:20 PM, Blogger Kau Sern said...

the show was meh meh for me only. When they started to break into songs, I wanted to walk out.

At 9:18 AM, Blogger tc boi said...

their singing not the best la... lol


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Thursday, May 14, 2009 . 1:50 PM

And for the second time throughout my watching american idol history, i have again abandoned my favourites. the last time being in season 4, when i abandoned Anthony Federov and Vonzell Solomon to support Carrie Underwood. After last night's performance, I believe that Kris Allen deserves a spot in the final two. And here comes the shocker. I'm done with Danny. I don't like adam either. But i am happy that Kris did well.

With only Adam and Kris in this year final, the votes that separated these two were only 1 million. considering the fact that over 88 million votes were cast. and Danny fans will be rooting for Kris hopefully.... we will probably be ready to watch another David Archuleta upset this year again.

on another note, i watched the movie SELLOUT today. i find it very thought provoking, funny, and interesting to watch. really good for a malaysian made film. no wonder it won accolades in film festivals. i think it is a fresh air to break out from the typical stereotypes that art films are always boring.

i really need to get rid of the photo post i have long overdue. one is from cheng meng and another from form 6 days. haha. ><