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Friday, December 22, 2006 . 9:18 PM

This Yeas has been an eventful year. so much has happened. stpm, friends, family, camp, God.
and now it is almost at the end of the year, it is time to sit back and think over the year, to look at the past, what can be done better, what not to be done; look into the future, plan ahead and see what to do, God willing, everything will run smoothly as i planned.

1. Camp
Brother Bobby Chaw has indeed taught me a few things... first of all, learning to speak into the future, because you rule your future by speaking into the future. and also, to go into a higher level of prayer, a higher level where we can listen clearly to the Holy Spirit's voice.

2. Preparation for camp
amidst the difficult times trying to agree on the same thing, with a few great minds coming together with a plan, rachael, jared, enoch, chi yao and ahem, myself... overall the games and programmes ran well i think, i thank God for being so good, not to rain on the first day, nor the second day, when the games were held, but on the third day where all programmes were indooor. during the camp, all the committee worked so hard till i heard that a lot of people fell sick, including myself, having fever and diarrhea.

3. stpm
all those toiling and midnight oil i have burnt, hopefully enough to bring me through to my dreams. i worked so hard to only one goal, to be a doctor. God willing, it will come to pass.

4. Last but not least, U6S 2006
this is probably the best thing that has happened this year. meeting all of you, i can't never forget all the times we had together. it was all fun, even in sad and depressing times, we saw beyond the obstacles and overcame it together... (cue for mc phee fans to sing over the rainbow)
can't wait to spend time with you all at class trip.

1. work
i will be working in the church kindergarten as a bm teacher... haha, of all language. anyway, can't wait to start. but still, i am looking for another part time job to keep myself occupied.

2. church
as a leader, looking into next year, there are plans and changes i would like to see happen in the cg. starting off with DBS, dunno whether i can join in since i din complete it last time. and the goal we have as a cg, to multiply.

3. spiritual life
i noe dat a leader can only lead as far as he went. without going further, he might be stifling the growth of the members, therefore next year i wish to grow even more. after all the stuff i learnt in camp, i am looking forward to see myself having an adventure with the Holy Spirit.

last of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!