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Monday, August 11, 2008 . 6:16 PM

hi people, its been a long time since i last blogged. i noe, using the whole i got no time excuse is obsolete, i should really just be more diligent. honestly, it's so much better when u noe u r on top of things. for example, now that i completed all my cg reports, i dun haf to worry about rushing for deadlines and trying to finish, in the end all of them just pile up and i got so much to catch up. same goes here in the blog. no point saying i will blog tomorrow and end up not doing it, now i got three months worth of stuff to blog about. eesh, how la?

anywayz, i will give a brief one first. so basically, i am finishing my third semester in two weeks time, and after that my sem finals.

a lot has happened throughout these two months. but if there is one thing i take away from all of it, its the importance of relationship. it does not matter whether if it is between friends, between family members, or even between man and God.

its really been a refreshing time since i got back from singapore. i realized that friends are really the important things u cannot lose in life. i have learnt that being a friend does not mean hanging out together. it also means carrying one another's burden even though you have troubles of your own, or being out of your comfort zone. throughout these two months, i have made more friends, but at the same time, i have seen some friends that should just remain as acquaintances. sad thing, but honestly, it's only gonna get worse when u come out into the society.

here, i again wanna thank Chi Yao for the fabulous suprise. even though i kanna con quite bad, i appreciate every moment we hung out together as the CHS machas... together with troy and joel, i really do not know when will be the next time the four of us can hang out like we did this time round. so i really appreciate u guys for the time we had. yes, including the vodka we had dat nite. lol

then, i wanna thank Jr and ralph for being such a good brother to me. always so welcoming. it was sad to see them breakdown during the funeral, but it was also through these moments they remind me of the importance of family. my condolences to them and their family for their loss.

i went back to hometown to see my grandmothers... its been so long since i saw them. after witnessing two of my brothers lose their grandmas, i want to treasure every moment i have to see them.

way back in May, i went to singapore, not only for a break in my normal routine, but also for myself for some soul searching. and i am glad to say, i have had a revelation in this whole area. at first i thought i cannot hear God, God was so far. but it was my fault, that i didn't spend time with Him. during the period of time, it was Him when He told me about bearing one another's burden, i realised He still loves me and cares for me. i am doin my best to get back on track, its not easy, but i am confident i can do it, with His strength.

meanwhile, all the best to all in whatever you do. i shall try to update more often. no promises, but i will try. ( i think KP has given up on bugging me to update.LOL)