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Friday, March 28, 2008 . 11:32 PM

today i had a blast... not because i did extremely well in my assessment, not because it was the weekend, not because i lost in ligretto, but because i managed to spend time with my friends, 2 in particular, joel and daniel.

joel is a childhood friend of mine. he came back from uk for his easter break. was glad managed to spend some time in his place just being crazy in the game of ligretto. yes, i underperformed today, but just you wait. lol

daniel is like a brother. haven't spoken to him in almost 3 years. we always wanted to catch up but didn't manage to. today was like divine appointment when both of us were free. so we hung out for a while. or so i thought. never would i think we manage to talk for 6 hours, just catching up on each others life. it felt so satisfying. to be able to take time out from studies and enjoy his company. we laughed, talked serious, laugh some more. and the best part was, we talked our hearts out. and there was like so much more to say, but it was getting late. really, i wouldn't trade anything for quality time with friends. it was just great la.
makes me appreciate friends even more. he's one brother i wouldn't let go. even though he's younger, today, he taught me quite a bit of things. the level of maturity he displayed was far more than i could imagine myself having. so, you'll never know who you can learn from.
thanks bro

Saturday, March 22, 2008 . 9:51 PM

so in tribute to her... (i think i might get into a lot of trouble for this) but just take it as entertainment la ohkay ? dun think too much about it. it's just for laughs.

so, anyways, this has got to be a record, coz allan just posted 3 times in a day. he himself is in shock.

btw, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER is finally back on. just downloaded the 12th episode. quite funny. but also with a lot of insight. i love the show la.
oh someone is caught red handed for being mean to sister. hence proving my point that siblings are more difficult to teach because you expect so much more from them. lol. i am not bulling. got picture as proof.

angry brother... ooo

OMG... it sounds like me


lol, niwaz, this post is not to put anyone down, just to prove that siblings are difficult to teach, mainly because you love them and you only want the best for them. and sometimes, when your effort seems futile, it only comes out as anger lo. but actually its just frustration la. so, dun get mad at me again if you see me trying to teach my sis ya, it may sound like shouting, but i really do want the best for her.

my first time posting got picture leh.. got improvement le...
i learned a lesson today. humans work in waves, hence its important to plot out ur break time and take a break.

actually i learned quite a few things la. another one is being nice to people sometimes is a disservice to them if you know that they are doing something not so right.

its ok to say no. people pile things on you not because you are useless, but because you are capable. for the very same reason people thinks you are superman, and throw every tom dick and harry in your face. so you have to learn to say no. people might think you are lousy, for a while. but torturing yourself over a few extra recognition doesn't really help.

be deliberate in things you do. you see better fruits.